Barley Flake, Corn Flake Production


In our barley and corn facility; Pure products, barley and corn flake are obtained by removing and cleaning from dust, straw, straw and cobs, then steaming and drying at high temperature with steam. These stages increase the digestibility and fattening efficiency by increasing the starch gelatinization of barley and corn.

Flake products do not contain any microbial substances due to the cooking process. At the same time, flake products are preferred by animals with their appearance, taste and smell. It provides an increase in appetite and yield in meat and milk.

Ozmirioglu Cottonseed Oil-Pulp Industry and Trade CO.
Barley Flake
Raw Protein %10-12
Crude Cellulose %3
Crude Ash %1
Starch %55
Humidity %11-12

Metabolic Energy 2600-2800 Kcal/kg

Corn Flake
Raw Protein %6-7
Crude Cellulose %2
Crude Ash %0,5-1
Starch %65
Crude Fat %3
Moisture %12

Metabolic Energy 2600-2800 Kcal/kg


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